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Athens can not only watch, but also to build

Athens can not only watch, but also to build

Street Arts Festival in Athens closest to city residents and tourists. Until the end of June 2014 Saturday 60 artists from Greece and other countries will be gracing the wall paintings of urban buildings. Their works reflect contemporary trends and tendencies, as well as rely on traditions established masters of the past. Tourists also have a unique opportunity - not only to consider the wonderful Acropolis and the many other attractions of the ancient city, but also to take part in the «Athens Street Art Festival», to create a modern urban environment of Athens. Anyone can join as an apprentice painters and paint their own sketches or draw a picture on the street on any respectable topic.

Not necessarily at the same time to be a professional artist. This is an opportunity for anyone wanting to try their hand in art. That is what sets the festival slogan: "Do not be shy, come and include". Platforms for creative outdoor walls are factories, warehouses, various urban facilities. You can draw in the afternoon under the southern sun or romantic evenings under the moonlight. Additionally, you can do and work on the canvas, the best of which the jury will gather in a traveling exhibition that will be shown in different parts of the city. Musicians and jugglers, installations and performances in the Athens neighborhoods organically complement colorful celebration of culture.

From January 18 to June 28, 2014 Interactive festival events will be held under the eloquent title "Crisis? What crisis? ". Despite the economic crisis, Greece does not forget about art and artistic values. Specialists make graffiti more than three hundred works, including using stencils. Held a lecture on the art of graffiti artists, workshops, children's interactive classes, workshops and exhibitions. 

In Athens, in addition to traditional tours of the magnificent architectural heritage of ancient Greece, are constantly looking for new ways to attract the attention of travelers. Due to high competition with other recognized world centers of tourism and the Greek strikes in recent years, the number of visitors to Athens guests began to decrease. However, the new fresh impetus to maintain tourist interest yield held in the capital of Greece popular international festivals - street theater, dance, jazz and blues, video art and others. Street Arts Festival also aims to take its rightful place in the cultural life of the city. Its unique atmosphere will feel better Athens, to join the beautiful, modern art form. 

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