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Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus

Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and its historic symbol. It is located in the prefecture of Pieria and partly in the northeast region of Thessaly. According to Greek Mythology, Olympus was a sacred mountain, a habitat of gods. Slopes of this mountain are notable for their incredibly beautiful wildlife. Among conifer, chestnut and cypress forests, ancient temples recognised as archaeological heritage are hidden. Olympus is a national park with a wide variety of flora and fauna. In 1981, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The highest peaks of Mount Olympus are Mytikas, Skolio, Skala and Stefani. The last one is also called “Throne of Zeus,” as it resembles a huge seat back. The highest peak of Olympus is Mytikas. It’s not easy at all to conquer it. On the top, there is a special register where you can add your name after reaching the mountain. Climbing Olympus is in great demand. Most routes run from the city of Litochoro located at the foot of the mountain. You can go hiking or take advantage of the lift. To shorten the road, you can go by car to the point of Prionia. In organised among gorges refuges, travellers can rest or stay for a night. Sunrise on Mount Olympus is a truly divine sight. From the top you should expect an incredible view of the Aegean Sea and the island. From January to March, fans of winter sports come there.

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