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Rio–Antirrio bridge

Rio–Antirrio bridge

Rio Antirio - bridge across the Gulf of Corinth, it connects the city of Rio, located in the Peloponnese, with the city Antirio. 

Cable-stayed bridge was designed by the French architect Berger Mikaelian and built in 2004. Length Rio Antirio is 2880 meters, width - 27, 2 meters. 

The uniqueness of this cable-stayed bridge lies in several factors. First, strong winds and unstable bottom in this part of the bay would unreliable any design. However, the bridge of Rio-Antirio conceived in such a way that leaves a fixed and stable roadbed through steel cables that are mounted on pylons. Secondly, the bridge of Rio-Antirio has the ability to move apart a little straightening its trajectory. This is done in order to maintain the durability of the hinged design in connection with the receding of the Peloponnese peninsula from the mainland by 35 millimeters annually. 

Rio Antirio - road bridge equipped with special lanes for cyclists and pedestrians. 

To bridge the easiest to reach by car or hire a taxi on the road leading to the Greek city of Patras. 

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