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Kerameikos or ceramic - is one of the central districts of Athens and at the same time, the open-air museum. This area stretches from the Dipylon Gate Eridanos to the river to the north-west of the Acropolis. 


Kerameikos was the ancient cemetery, the burial place of the great Greek heroes like Pericles and Cleisthenes. The necropolis was located around a small pottery village, which produced the Attic pottery. Hence the name of the place - Kerameikos. 


Interest in the Athenian cemetery due primarily to the fact that it passed through the two roads. The first, which began from the Sacred Gate, led to Eleusis along the river Eridanos. It was called "The Holy Road" because of the many tombs and monuments located along it. The second road ran from the house Dipylon Gate Academy, where he taught Plato. Along this path were buried politicians and military leaders. 


Kerameikos is not only a place of archeological excavations of mass graves, but the scenic landscape on the banks of Eridanos, which forms a small biotope. Most of the remains of the area can be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos. 


By the Kerameikos cemetery can be reached by bus or subway. Get off at Kerameikos. It is also possible to walk from the metro station Monastiraki.

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