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Mount Athos

Mount Athos

Mount Athos is a peninsula that is in north-eastern Greece. It is the world's only Orthodox monastic "republic", which is part of the Hellenic Republic. 

Its name - Athos received and became the greatest place of pilgrimage due to the legend. It is said that the ship with the Virgin Mary washed its shores during the storm, and the island turned salvation. Virgin then asked the land of the Lord his inheritance. On that God agreed. Now Athos is considered among the Orthodox Christians earthly destiny of the Mother of God. 

The mountain is 2033 meters. It is the highest peak in the peninsula. There is a beautiful view of the monasteries, hermitages and cells. On the peninsula is 20 Orthodox monasteries. Total Athos live about 1500 monks. Besides the monasteries, there is a theological school founded in 1749. However, since 1953 the school is located in Kare. 

The peninsula is covered with dense forest, rocky ravines dug. To him it's best to get on the ferry, which departs daily from the pier to the port Ouranopolis Daphne on the Holy Mountain. From there to the nearest monastery about half an hour walk. 

Mount Athos has payphones, they are in the monasteries, hermitages, in the street. There are also mobile telephony. Please be aware that in the territory of Mount Athos is strictly prohibited videography. You can take pictures without permission, but for photography in churches need to be blessed. Mount Athos is forbidden to swim and sunbathe. Pilgrims wishing to visit Mount Athos, must obtain prior approval to the Bureau in Thessaloniki. 

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